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Professional, Reliable, And Effective

Our comprehensive approach and commitment to healthcare industry standards ensures a clean, safe, and healthy environment for you, your staff, and customers regardless of what industry you work in. We apply the same healthcare-based standards to your facility. We provide services for a wide range of residential, commercial, and medical facilities, with consistent results that stem from the proper use of our specialized equipment and expertise. Let us work with you to address the cleaning needs of your facility, allowing you the freedom to give your attention to the operation of your business.

Our Foundations

Founded in 2013, with a goal in mind to change and improve critical issues, Total Concord Cleaning was an answer to the sad state of much of the janitorial industry.

Comprehensive Cleaning You Can Trust

When searching for a janitorial company it is hard to know what you are going to get. The industry is highly oversaturated and as a result of so many companies there are also countless “standards” and “ideals”. Many will make the best pitch to earn the business but not have the track record or standards to back it up. This is where we come in, to be the change for an industry which plays a vital role in the health and safety of your home or business.

Integrity With Commitment

No company is immune from making mistakes, but we honor our agreements and deliver a consistent performance and reliable service through our high standards and processes. Our key performance indicators are Quality Control which is tracked through the proprietary TCC app and Client Satisfaction, in these two areas multiple data points are being collected that allow us to track all aspects of our performance.

People + Systems = Excellent delivery and mitigated challenges.

We provide in-depth and ongoing training to our team members, additionally we provide them with the best cleaning systems in the industry and EPA registered cleaning chemicals. We avoid unsanitary methods that are only effective in spreading germs and bacteria, one such method is the traditional mop system which is not implemented in the management of our accounts. Our team members operate with integrity and are encouraged to adhere to TCC’s standards through performance-based programs for advancement and compensation.

Total Concord Cleaning puts you first and seeks to build life-long partnerships.


And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men. This Scripture defines our culture, our team members sincerely perform each task with the pleasure and praise for a job well done coming from their own internal place. It is not rooted in an expectation of praise from the customer or management team. This results in more consistent outcomes and performance.


These two values are at the core of our company culture. Through integrity and reliability, we begin to earn and keep your trust and it is how our team members begin to earn and keep our trust. We do what we say and honor our agreements.


We set goals and include our team members in our objectives to achieve them, we also support them in achieving their goals. We support all our team members and seek to engage them at all levels of their development and growth in this company. Our best cleaning professionals one day will become our best leaders.


We invest in our team members and support their growth; their success is our success. Each team member is valuable and important to the overall operation of the business.


You cannot subcontract culture and quality performance, we believe in delivering consistent services that individual subcontracted teams by their very nature can not deliver.


Poor communication is at the root of most, if not all, problems. We communicate effectively with care to our customers and team members, we seek to find solutions and common understanding.


All of us are accountable for our role in the quality and results of our work. We accept responsibility for our actions so that we can all learn, fix the problem, and improve. We all succeed together.


We nurture and develop teams of people that can rely on and trust one another, team building is at the core of our teamwork.


We want to encourage and foster a healthy life in spirit, mind, and body. Our team members need quality personal time, and time for family, fellowship, and community.

Jeremy P. Morris

President and Founder of Total Concord Cleaning Inc.

Learn more about Jeremy by visiting his LinkedIn here



SteraMist® Binary Ionization Technology® allows a facility to have a Hospital-HealthCare EPA registered tool and solution to replace outdated manual cleaning technology, upgrade existing protocols, and limit liability in a facility when it comes to resistant infectious pathogens. SteraMist® Binary Ionization Technology® (BITTM) is the first EPA registered solution and system combination on the market.

SteraMist® technology produces ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP), a fog/mist that is non-corrosive, spreads like a gas, and requires no wiping. Instead, the mist quickly dries, leaving no residue.

SteraMist® has superior material compatibility on a variety of surfaces used in the fabrication of medical devices, including metals, composite rubbers, finished surfaces, fabrics, sensitive electronic devices, and all medical equipment. Steramist is the ultimate tool for any type of facility!

For direct SteraMist® inquiries contact us at: (407) 917-9790

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