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Discover Total Concord Cleaning’s commitment to cutting-edge cleaning solutions with our Safe, Clean, and Healthy (SCH) Initiative. We’re not just cleaning – we’re setting new standards in facility health and safety.

Introducing the Safe, Clean, and Healthy (SCH) Initiative by Total Concord Cleaning

At Total Concord Cleaning, our commitment goes beyond standard cleaning and disinfecting services. Recognizing the need for continued protection, we’ve launched the Safe, Clean, and Healthy (SCH) initiative. This innovative approach not only cleans but continues to protect and disinfect surfaces even after our crew has completed their work. Our SCH systems are designed to provide ongoing safety and health assurance, utilizing advanced technologies and methods to maintain a clean barrier on surfaces and deploy continuously self-cleaning surface decals. Ideal for today’s challenges and adaptable for the future, SCH systems are an effective and safe solution for maintaining a hygienic environment in any facility.

How it Works

Your Pathway to a Cleaner Medical Environment


Disinfecting and Decontaminating Surfaces with SteraMist®

SteraMist® serves as our foundational tool for decontamination, producing a non-toxic ionized Hydrogen Peroxide mist that sterilizes surfaces without leaving any residue. This Hospital and Healthcare-grade EPA registered technology is ideal for preparing surfaces for our active disinfection applications, ensuring a thorough and effective sterilization process.


Applying Antimicrobial Surface Protectant

Following sterilization, we apply a long-lasting antimicrobial surface protectant to high-touch areas like light switches, door handles, and bathroom fixtures. This protectant forms a durable, self-cleaning barrier, effectively maintained with simple wiping to prevent soil buildup. The frequency of reapplication varies based on the activity level and specific needs of the facility.


Applying Touch
Point Skins

Our touch point skins, comprising mineral nano-crystals, actively oxidize organic contaminants on high-traffic public touchpoints. These skins, functioning like adhesive decals, transform surfaces like elevator buttons, door handles, and countertops into self-cleaning entities, significantly enhancing facility hygiene and safety perception.

Robust Protection Against a Wide Range of Microorganisms

The efficacy of our technologies, especially the antimicrobial surface protectant, has been proven in laboratory settings. They are effective against a variety of microorganisms, including multiple strains of viruses, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as fungi, algae, mold, yeast, and spores. This comprehensive protection ensures a safe and healthy environment, reducing the risk of infection and contamination in your facility.


powered by Binary Ionized Technology

Total Concord is a provider of STERAMIST Binary Ionization Technology for enhanced bacteria decontamination and infectious disease control, providing environmental solutions for indoor surface decontamination. Steramist is the ultimate tool for elimination of bacteria and viruses such as, COVID-19, MRSA, Norovirus, C. Diff, H1N1, and Salmonella. Ask how this system can work for you today!